34 Dot Matrix Industrial Inkjet Printer Small Character Expiry Date Printer

34 Dot Matrix Industrial Inkjet Printer Small Character Expiry Date Printer

43S plus small character inkjet printer supports 34 dot matrix printing and features the ink system and nozzle through innovative improvement meeting varied ink requirements with excellent stability and reliability as well as the superior printing of high clarity. 43S plus becomes the ideal automatic identification equipment for a wide variety of fields and identification requirements.


Remain superior printing quality all times :

WDD 43S plus Small character inkjet printer provides the printing of high clarity for a wide variety of industries


With up to 16 bit phase control, accurate ink droplet dispersion position and precise charging


Specially designed and developed ink collections for optimal printing effect


Real time detection as well as the automated correction of ink temperature viscosity and pressure


Line speed capability

Max number of lines of text up to 4

Max line speed up to 210 m/min (Based upon single line, 10 character per inch)


Font matrix configuration

Single-line 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16, 17×24
Twin-line 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16
Tri-line 5×5, 5×7, 7×9
Quad-line 5×5, 5×7


Nominal character height


Selectable from 2mm to 18mm depending on font


Throw distance

Optimal: 10mm

Range: 5mm-15mm



Standard keyboard, including numeric, alphabetic and special function keys


Custom logo/graphics

Can be edited directly on printer or PC by individual user


Display screen

320×240 LCD display

WYSWYG onscreen message editing



Diameter: 38mm

Length: 289mm


Printhead umbilical

Length: 2.5m

Diameter: 21mm

Bend radius: 150mm


Temperature/humidity range

5°C to 45°C

0% to 90% RH; non-condensing with selected inks


Electrical requirements

Nominal supply power: 200-240 VAC, at 50/60 Hz., 120 W


Approximate weight

Unpacked and dry: 27kg

Gross weight of package: 40kg



Positive air pump

Double electric eye triggered print

Round-trip jet printing

Variable database information transmission

Dry air kit

Product detect for high humidity (requires plant air)

Fault relay

3m printhead umbilical

Wide range of accessories

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