High – precision High Speed UV Flatbed Printer 600mm*900mm , CE Approval

High – precision High Speed UV Flatbed Printer 600mm*900mm , CE Approval

Applicable Industry


1.Applicable materials:Cotton,linen,silk,leather,chemical fiber fabrics

2.Applicable industries:Glass industry, decoration industry, sign industry, murals, decorative painting industry, exhibition industry.


Product Description


Perfect laser is specialized in various types of laser equipment research and development, production, marketing, training, after-sales service.Our production of UV flatbed inkjet printers PE-UV0609 with high-speed, high-precision, high-quality dual-head Epson, format 600 * 900mm, with high production efficiency, saving more time and reduce production costs and other advantages. Can achieve excellent production efficiency, rich bright colors, can meet the various sectors, the various needs of a variety of materials color inkjet customers.


Product Features


1.High-precision linear guide Mute: linear guide imported brands, long life, smooth motion is high, greatly reducing noise generated by the equipment in the process of high-speed motion control in less than 40 db;

2.Head collision avoidance system: a unique collision avoidance system, easy to deal with debugging any material, prevent accidents caused by human error and better protect the nozzle;

3.Cartridge automatic alarm system: When the ink level is less than one-third of the ink cartridge lights automatic alarm, allowing uninterrupted printing, production and smooth;

4.Independent research and moisture cleaning system: easy to effectively protect the head, and avoid wasting ink, save operating costs;

5.Professional RIP software: using well-known brands ULTRAPRINT professional color management software to ensure bright color output;


The Advantages of UV Flatbed Printer


1.The process is simple, fast production.

UV flatbed inkjet printers print without films, these conventional inkjet proofing and imposition must be processed, printing materials, direct printing, screen quickly draw, the spray is dry, spray can complete stack, the screen fast curing, easy to damage.


2.Flexible production, personalized UV flatbed.

UV flatbed inkjet printers can immediately switch in production printing screen mode of production is very flexible, and supports white print shop, can be drawn on any color primer. This expands the UV flatbed inkjet application space, bring more business opportunities.


3.Save a lot of human labor, protection of employee safety.

UV flatbed inkjet printers is completely computer-controlled production, there is no heavy labor work, adapt to industrial automation chain, safe and efficient, just one operator to complete all the work, safe and simple. UV flatbed inkjet printers using environmentally friendly UV inks do not contain harmful substances and odors to ensure employee safety.


Model type PE-UV0609
Print head technology Drop on-demand pieze head
NO. of Print heads 2
Print head type Epson DX5 or DX7
Printing resolution 360*360dpi,360*720dpi,360*1080dpi,720*720dpi,720*1440dpi,720*3600dpi,720*21600dpi
Printing mode Uni-direction and Bi-directional
Printing speed(2 print heads) 4 PASS 6 PASS 8 PASS
8M²/hr 6M²/hr 4M²/hr
Media handling Vacuuming media fixation platform
File format TIFF,JPEG,Postscript 3,EPS,PDF,etc
Color control Conform to ICC standard,with fuction of curve and density adjustment
Interface USB
Ink type UV curable ink
Print color Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,White
Printing size 600mm*900mm
Printable products Arts & Crafts:barrette,USB flash memory,glasses frame,watch belt,cigaret case,lighter,badge,stationery products,toys,cellphone case,etc.
Media thickness 100mm(200mm optional)
Print head and feeding drive AC high precision servo motor
Power consumption 50Hz/60Hz,220V(±10%),>20A
Operation condition Temperature 20℃~28℃,Reative humidity 40%`60%
Dimensions(LxWxH) 1600mm*1680mm*1000mm
Net Weight 200KG

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