Fabric Printing Machine

 Fabric Printing Machine

Product Description

Basic Features :

1. Ink Station : Clicking here:
With Special structure,made from alloy by procision mould,match with print head perfectly ,can get high quality printingn effects , cheap polyester fabric rolls sublimation printer
2. Ink Cartidge Holder: Clicking here:
High quality cartidge holder ensure stablle and continious ink supply performance. cheap polyester fabric rolls sublimation printer
3. Take-up and Feeding System : Clicking here:
Particular take-up and feeding system with constant tension make printing easily ,ensure printing quality. cheap polyester fabric rolls sublimation printer

It can print:

1) Fashion apparel,clothing accessories( such as scarves,ties etc)
2) Sportswear and swimwear fabrics
3) Home Textile Fabrics(eg. curtains,bed sheets,towels,table cloths and furniture cloth)
4) Car decorations
5) Flags and banners
6) T-shirts and specialty textiles; wall decoration; umbrellas, bags, shoes, hats, toys, ribbon, etc.; cheap polyester fabric rolls sublimation printer

Main product

What main products we can supply you ?

A) Eco Solvent Printer from 1.6m(5 ft ) to 3.2m ( 10ft) wide . SEND INQUIRY
B) Large Solvent Printer with Infinity/ Challenger/ Phaeton/FY-Union brands. SEND INQUIRY
C) Printing Ink of UV / Eco Solvent / Sublimation / SK-4 solvent / Pigment / Water based . SEND INQUIRY
D) Printer head of Dx4/Dx5/Dx7 / spt510 /spt 255/ km512 .SEND INQUIRY
E) Printing Materials of printing media, flex banner, vinyl sticker, PP paper, one way vision, mesh,transfer paper ,etc. SEND INQUIRY

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